We continually review our products and services to provide the best equipment and support system to back up our esteemed clients. It is part of our core values to sustain every business relationship on high-level commitment, unadulterated integrity, and precision, at all times; through this, we have attained a leadership role before our numerous clients and ahead of our competitors.

SINGLESTONE provide precision solutions with a variety of heavy duty; weigh bridges laboratory equipment and balances.  We are capable of refurbishing or overhauling any existing mechanical scale; as our competence extends beyond just sales & installation; we have full-scale stretch of maintenance engineers and specialist.  Our maintenance practices cover the entire parts and specifications of the equipment as it includes an overhaul of the mechanical load points, checking systems, and levels.

We realize that you have critical equipment that you wish to protect against inconvenience, loss, or damage due to mains power disturbances; you cannot depend solely on the unreliable mains power. In the event of a mains power disturbance, you could get inconvenienced (eg lights or other gadgets going off), or you could lose unsaved computer data, or the equipment could get damaged. It could also be life threatening (e.g. an aircraft landing at night & suddenly the runway lights & control & communication equipment go off, or the lights & equipment go off during a critical operation in a hospital theatre).

The basic function of our UPS/Inverter based power backup system is to provide instantaneous mains-level power to your equipment when the mains fails, and this has proven to be worthwhile time and time over. There are different types of UPSs & inverters, depending on your needs:


We offer complete solutions for many sectors including Carrier Sector, Cash Handling Sector, Chemical Sector, Food Sector, and the Engineering Sector

• Crane scales
• Wheel loader scales Load cells
• Pallet truck scales
• Platform scales
• Forklift truck scale
• Reach stacker scales
• Overload protection unit
• Onboard crane scales
• Food Traceability Modules
• Product Inspection Systems
• Average Weight Systems
• Cash Handling Systems
• General Weighing Systems



• Industrial Rectifier & Chargers
• Industrial UPS & Inverters
• Power Supply Modules
• IT UPS Systems
• UPS Software
• UPS Accessories
• Surge Protectors
• Telecom Rectifier Modules
• Telecom Control Modules

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